A woman has expressed her frustration after Orpington railway station remains without a Union Jack flag.

Lisa Walters, 45, from Orpington, has commuted past the station for 25 years where the flag has consistently been present.

It was removed in September after it had become weathered but it is yet to be replaced.

"The world is changing too much," Ms Walters told News Shopper.

"It means a lot to me having seen the flag for all these years. Now it is gone it is like we don't care anymore.

"I am extremely patriotic and the country needs to get together. But this is a sign of things to come."

According to Ms Walters, she was told by Southeastern that the station manager in Orpington had ordered a flag at the end of last year and they hoped it would be flying before Christmas.

A spokeswoman for Southeastern told News Shopper: "The flag is ready to go up but the recent poor weather was a factor.

"The station will be putting it up quite soon."

Ms Walters, an Orpington resident of over 25 years, said her patriotism comes from her parents, working in London and the people around her.

She added: "We must not forget the past. The community is being lost and we are being forgotten.

"Bromley and Orpington are good places to live and we are proud of where we live.

"I would like to keep it that way."