An application has been submitted to demolish a Post Office on Penge High Street because the building is no longer “fit for purpose”.

If accepted by planners at Bromley Council, a three story building housing a shop, Post Office and nine flats will be built in its place on 100-12 Penge High Street.

One of the landlords of the building, Sandeet Singh, spoke to News Shopper about the need for redevelopment.

He said: “With the current structure it is difficult to alter the existing post office other than gutting it and rebuilding it.

“Almost 40 per cent of the building is redundant. The tenant is struggling to pay the rent because of cutbacks. Much more retail is needed for the back offices.

“We want the flats to pay for the funding and the building works. The Post Office will remain and we will have to look at alternative ideas for customers during the building process.

“We can then have the post office on more secure footing.”

Mr Sandeet runs a post office on Greenwich High Road and he wants the new proposal in Penge to follow the same model if the council accepts the application.

“We want to have a stationary shop like a WH Smith. The post office brings customers and then we have complimentary offers to customers for something else to purchase.

“In Greenwich we also have a service in the office where customers can have their passport photos taken. This adds to the revenue and the current postmaster in Penge is keen on a Smiths and he has spoken to them in regards to a franchise model.”

Mr Sandeet, a member of family-run Bamba Ltd, helped run the post office in Penge from 1998 to 2002.