An epic gritting mission is starting tonight in the borough of Bromley.

Reports of ice mean a whopping 200 of Bromley's 500 miles of road will be gritted to keep drivers safe.

Sub-zero road surface temperatures paired with moisture from dew or light rain are a potentially deadly combination.

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But the grit salt will stop ice from forming.

Executive councillor for environment William Huntington-Thresher said: “We are always prepared for the winter season and whilst national attention turns to gritting when there is snow, most of our salting work takes place when icy or frosty road conditions are predicted.

“It is the road surface temperature that is particularly key, with localised forecasting guiding our work.

“This work typically takes place at night or in the early hours when roads are quiet and therefore, this important work is not often seen.

“The work is also timed according to localised weather forecasts, to avoid rain for instance which would simply wash away the salt.”

Bromley Snow are sending out updates on gritting and icy roads from their Twitter account: @BromleySnow.