A huge pile of rubbish has been dumped on a road in Beckenham.

Outraged residents have taken to Facebook to the fly-tippers who left the rubbish on Copers Cope Road and Worsley Bridge Road.

The pile, which included a child’s toy car, a trampoline and a mattress appeared yesterday morning.

Rich Wilsher, who took the photograph, said: “It's always been a sporadic problem, but over the last two months I reckon there have been around six or seven separate large-scale incidents.

“It could even be the same odious person responsible each time.

On Facebook Ruth Trevithick said: “You still have to be an absolute tramp to fly tip like that, do these people want to live in filth!

Mike Jones said: “Good grief that's appalling!!!!”

Carol Hobbs said: “Absolutely disgraceful - I do wish these morons could be found.”