Parents are being warned after a van driver allegedly approached children in Chislehurst and Eltham.

Police said there have been several reports of a van driver approaching school children and offering them a lift.

The man has allegedly been operating in the SE9 and BR7 areas.

Parents have been warned to remain vigilant.

Children's charity NSPCC has offered advice on how to keep children safe.

According to the NSPCC, parents should: "Let your child know where they can and can't go and explain why you're setting these rules. You should also tell them a definite time to come home.

"Whenever you're out with your child talk about how they think they can keep themselves safe. For example, you could ask them about how they know when it's safe to cross a road, what to do if a stranger starts talking to them or other children start to bully them.

"Even after they start going out on their own, keep discussing safety outside the home with them and remind them of the dangers. It's tempting to just leave them to it but you should still show you're interested in who they're spending their time with and what they're doing.

"If you do notice anything that doesn't seem quite right – like them being secretive or coming home with new belongings they can't explain – you should definitely look into the reasons why."