A GP who works in Orpington has warned people about the dangers of misusing antibiotics.

Dr Mandy Selby is a GP at the Knoll Medical Practice and looks after more than 8,500 patients.

In an interview with My Health London Dr Selby said that people will become resistant to the lifesaving drugs.

Dr Selby said:"I recently diagnosed a child with a severe bacterial throat infection.

"I gave her Penicillin and she made a good recovery.

"If she had had antibiotics inappropriately in the past to treat viral infections, there would have been a possibility that the penicillin would not have worked due to resistance.

"That could have resulted in the patient being at risk of long term complications."

Dr Selby said there were other ways to keep healthy in the winter season.

She said: "Instead of taking antibiotics for common illnesses, patients are advised to get plenty of rest and to take over the counter medicines to help treat viruses. Remember, you can ask your pharmacist for advice in the first instance without needing to see your GP."