If you are reading this while at work, you may be of two thirds of people in the south east of England “bored enough to quit” their current job.

You may even be one of half of people who search for a new job during work hours, according to research done by jobs board totaljobs.

The research showed that 69 per cent of employees in the south east are bored of their current jobs and want to quit, while 67 per cent say they don’t see themselves at their current job in 12 months’ time.

More than half of workers in the south east (56 per cent) admit the idea of simply going to work makes them feel sick.

David Clift, HR director at totaljobs, said: “The figures we release today shine a light on staggeringly low levels of employee engagement across the UK economy.

“That such a proportion of UK workers are getting so little job satisfaction from their current roles is a real worry for us all and has an untold impact on national productivity levels.

“Our research shows that employees are at their most engaged after three years in their role. We hope today's research acts as a wakeup call to team leaders and heads of department.

“It has never been more important for team leaders to ensure their workforce is engaged if they want to reap the benefits that come with long-term, dedicated service from a loyal workforce.”