A woman was left horrified after her dog came out of some park bushes covered in human poo.

Jennifer Fraser, 47, Westbury Road, Beckenham, was walking her Cavachon dog Daisy through Croydon Road recreation ground today at noon.

Daisy was playing with another dog called Charlie who Mrs Fraser was looking after.

The happy pups were getting muddy in the grass and so Mrs Fraser decided to take them home to keep them clean.

But just as they were about to leave, the dogs spotted a squirrel. Daisy and Charlie sped off after the squirrel into some bushes near the South gate.

Charlie came back but Daisy did not. Mrs Fraser tried calling Daisy’s name. Eventually she emerged from the bushes covered in human poo.

Mrs Fraser said: “It did not smell like dog or fox poo. It smelt human. I thought it was curry at first. People tend to dump food in the bushes after the fireworks. But as she came closer I realised what it was.

“I wanted to cry. All I could think was ‘how am I going to clean this up?’

“I dropped off Charlie and then took Daisy home and tied her to a tree outside and hosed her down. I cut everything off her and then put it all in the bin.”

Mrs Fraser said: “I got a big orange Sainsbury’s bag, and put her in it. Then I took her up the stairs and put her into the bath and shampooed her about five times. She smells very nice now!

“She knew she was in trouble, she went to her bed afterwards and lay down.

“Thanks to that selfish person I’ve had to order a new collar a new lead and a new tag.

“Daisy won’t be going for a walk tomorrow!”

Mrs Fraser was not impressed with the people who went to the loo in the bushes.

She said: “If the recs is open, the toilet is open. I don’t care how desperate you are, there's no excuse.”

Daisy, on the other hand, was more upset about having a wash.

Mrs Fraser said: “She is sulking because I washed off her new scent.”