CHEF Atik is on a mission and he’s turning up the heat.

The multi-award winning kitchen dynamo is widely recognised as one of the best chefs in the country but now all he wants to do is share his skills.

“Being a chef is the best job in the world, it’s the perfect way to make people happy and at the same time do something you love,” said Bangladesh-born Atikur Rahman.

He’s on a crusade to create a whole kitchen full of top British chefs to follow in his culinary footsteps.

It might be a cliché, but the 36-year-old claims “curry powder has always been more powerful than gunpowder” and he’s ready to share his immense passion for cooking.

What’s more, this highly talented and successful TV chef is prepared to share all his skills and expertise for free.

All he needs is a college that is prepared to give him the space to teach.

Atik said: “I’m desperate to share my love of cooking and the time is right to produce a new brand of brilliant British chefs.

“I’m so sure there are willing, hard-working wannabe chefs out there that I don’t want anything to stand in their way – that’s why I’m offering my services for free.

“But, they’ve got to be willing to work hard and they’ll need to be in love with cooking.

“No-one gets into this business for the money, it’s for the love of food.”

Slightly controversially, Atik believes British people make the best chefs in the world and, equally controversially, he is convinced curries are a British invention anyway – so why shouldn’t Brits be the people to cook them?

He said: “Chefs from India who come here just want to make money but British people use their brains when they’re cooking, which is a hundred times better.

“If I can just find somewhere willing to give me the space to cook and teach then I’m sure I can create many top British chefs from right here on my doorstep.”

Currently the main man at Kosturi in Hayes, Bromley, Atik describes himself as a true fusion chef.

Fusion cooking is mixing two styles together, in Atik’s case, eastern spices in traditional Western dishes.

Chef of the Year for three consecutive years between 2007 and 2009, he now presents his cooking skills on Channel 9 TV and has a huge following online.

Atik has lived in this country for 17 years and with 12,500 curry houses in Britain he says he can’t believe so few have great British chefs.

Atikur Rahman’s Kosturi Restaurant is located at 18 Station Approach, Hayes. If you know a college that would be able to offer Atik the space and facilities to pass on his skills he’d love to hear from you – 020 8462 8594.