A "JOBSWORTH" traffic warden slapped a coach with a parking ticket while the driver was trying to help a disabled passenger onto the pavement.

Witnesses watched in amazement as the male warden ticketed the vehicle while it was parked in Townley Road outside Broadway Shopping Centre in Bexleyheath at around 1.45pm on Friday (September 7).

Glyn Browning, 61, was out shopping with a friend when she came across the driver of the red single decker coach helping a lady with her wheelchair-bound husband and their luggage. 

The Harlington Road resident, who sent News Shopper mobile phone pictures of the incident, said the vehicle was parked on double yellow lines but in a place where Dial-a-Ride buses for the disabled often stop. 

The retired help desk team leader said: "While there were illegally parked cars all around them this traffic warden decided to give the coach a ticket.

"There were cars pulling up behind the traffic warden and some behind the coach and he was ignoring them until people were shouting out for him to give them a ticket too.

"We were just totally amazed at what he was doing and the lady felt awful that the driver had got a ticket."

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