A man was found not guilty of murder after a man was shot at a friend’s birthday party in a Thamesmead tower.

Scion Fogah-Brown, 25, of no fixed address, was found guilty of possession of a firearm, but crucially found not guilty of the murder of Clheve Massi on February 1, 2015.

23-year-old Chleve, also known as Clive, had arrived at Sark Tower along with four friends at 4.20am and went up to the thirteenth floor flat. He was shot right as he walked in the door.

Around 70 people were at the party, although half had left before Chleve and his friends arrived.

Immediately following the shooting, Chleve’s friends carried him from the flat and left Sark Tower in three cars.

Police had been called after reports of a shooting and on their way there found the friends with the fatally shot Chleve.

London Ambulance Service took him to hospital but medical staff were unable to save him and he died in hospital later that morning.

Despite 21 arrests and a £20,000 reward for information, everyone bar Fogah-Brown was released with no further action.

Fogah-Brown was found not guilty of murder at The Old Bailey yesterday (December 20) and only found guilty of possession of a firearm and violent disorder. He will be sentenced on Friday, December 22.

During the course of the investigation a specific motive was not discovered, but police believe the killing was gang related.

Detective Inspector Steven Keogh from Met Police said: "Although we’re disappointed that the jury was unable to return a guilty verdict in relation to the murder, they were able to find Fogah-Brown guilty of possessing a firearm and violent disorder, which means he will receive a custodial sentence."