A thankful daughter has called for a hero passerby to be made “citizen of the year” after he stepped in to save her collapsed mother. 

Doreen Bromell, 77, was doing some Christmas shopping in Bexleyheath Broadway on December 5 when she was taken ill.

Daughter Sarah Fuller said: “She was just doing some shopping with a friend. There were no signs of anything else.”

However, as she shopped, Doreen collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. 


A good Samaritan passing by emerged from the gathering crowd to perform life-saving CPR. 

Mrs Fuller, from Sidcup, said: “This guy is a hero. He’s given my mum her life back.

“He performed CPR on mum until the ambulances came. Everyone should know about him. He deserves all the thanks in the world.”

Mrs Fuller said the random hero is a man named Rikki Knight. 

She said: “She was in cardiac arrest and he kept giving her CPR. I think this shows that everyone should be taught CPR.

“It could save so many lives having other people know how to do it.”

“I can’t even think of the words to tell him how thankful I am. It’s beyond words. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done.”

Doreen is now on the road to recovery, and her daughter wants the world to know about how she got there.

She said: “He deserves all the recognition. He had to push through the crowds. I can’t believe a passerby would do something so lovely. 

“He should be citizen of the year.” 

Following a News Shopper story, praise flooded in for Mr Knight's brave actions, with one person commenting: "I am part of the LAS crew that arrived and transported this lady.

"Without this gentleman's quick action, and very good CPR we would not have had such a good outcome. Well done Rikki!"

However, the man himself said he did not think he was a hero. 

Speaking to News Shopper, Mr Knight said: "I would not like to be thought of as a hero as that is not the case. 

"I simply saw a woman that needed help and was just there at the time. I'd like to think anybody would do the same. 

"Unfortunately not on this day many people just passed-by, but at least she is still about for Christmas and now healthy and well.

"It's not just about me, the paramedics did their bit as well. I know they get paid for what they do but they deserve recognition all the same. I was just passing by.!