A dedicated Bexleyheath schoolgirl is featuring in a festive advert this Christmas, beaming into living rooms over winter.

Eva Wang, 9, is one of the stars of the new Samsung Christmas advert, which is being shown on TV and in cinemas all over the world.

Eva has been a student at Make Believe Bexleyheath, and showed off her talents for the performing arts.

Eva’s mum Xiaojing said: “We were so excited when we found out she had got the part. She had been on many auditions before, so we didn’t think anything of it, so it was a big shock.”

Eva is one of the actors in the Samsung: Giving is a Gift to be Shared advert, showing families from different backgrounds coming together to buy a hotel worker a new phone.

The Bexleyheath branch of Make Believe is led by principle Joseph Greenslade.

Mr Greenslade said: “Eva is one of our most dedicated students. She never misses a week and is always the first person to put her hand up to try out a new game or exercise. Thanks to her and her teachers hard work and persistence we have watched her confidence grow week on week and she is a true example of hard work pays off.”

Joel Kern, founder of the schools, said: "To provide our students with a platform to enable them to do what they love is why we do what we do. Here is to many more incredible achievements to an amazing young performer!”

Make Believe Bexleyheath runs on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings at Bexleyheath School.