A little boy who needed stitches in his face after an iron fence fell on top of him wants to thank the people who came to his rescue.

Tyler Rickwood, aged nine, was walking down Yarnton Way, Abbey Wood, on his way to the shops when he touched the iron fence that then fell on to him, flattening him on the ground.

Tyler’s mum Kelly said his friend Cameron O' Leary tried his best to get him out but eventually had to flag down a passing bus.

She said: “Cameron tried, bless him, but he couldn’t lift it. It was too heavy, it’s iron. I couldn’t even lift it if I tried.

“Tyler shouted to stop the bus. The driver, and another man called Dave, came and helped Tyler. If it wasn’t for them Tyler could have been suffocated.”

Tyler needed five stitches in his eye and the back of his head needed to be glued.

His mum said he has black eyes and is bruised, but is slowly getting over what happened.

She said: “He said he wants to save his money and give it to the nice gentleman who helped him. I want to thank them as well, because he was badly injured and they helped him when it all was happening. They were just strangers.”

It was a B11 driver who, along with Dave, helped Tyler on Friday, November 24 at about 3.45pm.

Tyler wasn’t far his home in Coralline Walk, and one of his sisters came and called his mum, who then called the ambulance.

Kelly added: “Calling the ambulance was important but getting the fence off him was the first thing to do. I’ve been down there myself and I couldn’t even lift it. I rang the bus company to say thank you. I hope they see this!”

Tyler is off school at the moment recovering.