It’s easy to wait until January to start afresh both physically and mentally - but experts say you shouldn’t wait!

So as temperature drops, here are some health and wellness tips for keeping motivated and giving yourself a health reboot.

1. Get out for that run

When it's raining and freezing cold outside, why on earth would you leave your warm bed or sofa to go for a run? The simplest answer is that running in winter can instantly put you into a cheery mood, thanks to a quick hit of feelgood hormones. So don't put away you trainers this winter!

2. Have an alternative spring clean

Many of us traditionally celebrate the end of winter with a good old spring clean, but why not start as you mean to to go by doing the same as winter looms?

Rob Hobson, Nutritionist says: "Clear out your cupboards and stock up on the foods that will help to promote winter wellness and give you the ingredients to create delicious dishes that will support your body's health as the temperature drops."

3. Keep an Instagram diary

We've all heard that Instagram can be toxic for our mental health, contributing to feelings of anxiety but there are ways you can use the social network as a force for good when it's pouring with rain outside.

Dr Meg Aroll, health psychologist, says: "Use Instagram as a gratitude diary by taking a photo every day of something you feel grateful for," says health psychologist Dr Meg Aroll.

4. Make the most of winter sports

Don't mourn the loss of summer, because winter brings with it a whole raft of brilliant seasonal sports that can keep you active.

Dr Aroll suggests finding a new hobby that celebrates winter, such as ice skating, snow kiting or indoor skiing.

5. Eat for the weather

When the weather's gloomy and you're feeling depressed, it can can really impact on your appetite and food choices, which may leave you lacking in essential nutrients.

Take a daily vitamin D3 supplement to keep your spirits high.

So don't spend all winter hibernating on the sofa with a glass of wine, your only exercise being the slow shuffle to and from the fridge in between episodes on Netflix. Act now! Don't wait until January!