To mark the return of ITV's I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, an Australian doughnut company will sell the UK’s first doughnut filled with creepy crawlers.

Doughnut Time is an Australian company that achieved cult-like status after opening in 2015. They have now opened a store in London and are offering a particularly peculiar doughnut.

With the nation’s insatiable appetite for watching famous faces put themselves through hell, the doughnut company decided to create its own bush-tucker trial for its customers.

For most diners, the thought of eating insects might prove to be one culinary step too far yet those who are brave enough can expect a milk chocolate glazed ring doughnut, laden with salt and vinegar-flavoured crickets.

Those who want to confront their fears can do so with the limited-edition treat which is available from today (November 20) until November 24 at their London store located on Shaftesbury Avenue.

And if you don't fancy eating bugs - or any animals products for that matter - Doughnut Time also sells vegan products. And there's also gluten-free stuff

Other doughnuts on the menu when they're not serving crickets include:

Cate Blanchette - Milk chocolate glaze topped with Tim Tams and white chocolate curls.

Veruca Salt - Salted caramel-filled and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Love Actually- Earl grey tea glaze, with a cream glaze drizzle, crushed freeze dried raspberries, topped with two shortbread raspberry jam biscuits. (The Queen herself have this one the thumbs up, apparently).

Founder and owner Damian Griffiths said: “Our doughnuts have been carefully designed to make you fall in love. We use locally-sourced ingredients to make, glaze and fill our artisan product by hand.”

If you are brave enough to eat a doughnut ladened with creepy crawlers - please let us know on our Facebook page .