A great-grandmother was pushed to the ground and had her pension stolen by a "monster" during a robbery in Nuxley Village.

Lily Stock, who turns 84 tomorrow, had been collecting her money and running errands on Tuesday (November 7).

Poor Lily was attacked in Erith Road and had her bag stolen as she made her way home at about 5.30pm.

Louise Floyd, one of Lily's grandchildren, said her nan was left laying on the pavement outside her home shouting for help.

She said: "She had made her way home when someone ran past her and snatched her bag. It had her entire pension plus and an extra £20 in it.

"She was pushed backwards and left on the cold ground shouting for help.

"It was only because one of her neighbours had their window open that they heard her.

"It's not the money that matters, it's the sentimental items like pictures of her grandchildren that she can't replace. That is what hurts."

Lily, who used to work in the post office, has four grand-children and three great-grandchildren.

Her granddaughter said she was trying to raise awareness about what happened.

Louise, who lives in Thamesmead, said: "I don't even think I would speak to the person who did this, I am so angry.

"What kind of a monster, of a coward, would leave someone that old on the floor? What would they think if it was their parent?

"She's not been herself since this happened, she hasn't been my nan. She's terrified.

"People should know this has happened so they can warn others."

The Met Police are investigating the robbery.

A spokesman for the Met said: "The victim had her handbag stolen and was knocked to the floor during the robbery.

"It is not known how many suspects were involved.

"No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue.

"Any witnesses or anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Tweet @MetCC."