A warning has been issued about 'nuisance' motorcyclists who plan 'ride out' in large groups over Halloween.

Bexley has become a 'hotspot' for dangerous riders who have been filmed pulling wheelies and weaving in and out of traffic in the north of the borough.

In the last two years, police have been called to ride out events across London where bikers have gathered in large numbers to cause disruption.

Dana Whiffen, chairman of Bexley Neighbourhood Watch, said residents in Bexley should act quickly if they spot anything.

He said: "It is important we get the information we need. People grumble about these bikers but they need to act and help us help the police to track them.

"They have become a real nuisance and I know the police are cracking down on them. They are aware it is Halloween and they will be out there I'm sure.

"Try and get descriptions of helmets, bikes and where they are heading. Help police track them, it is all about getting the information to police as soon as possible."

Mr Wiffen said crackdowns had started to have positive results, including one incident in Belvedere.

Last weekend 14 riders were arrested in Belvedere on suspicion of dangerous driving, and 15 mopeds, motorbikes and quadbikes were seized.

The Met Police said an operation was being planned to tackle riders who are often linked to the group UK Bike Life.

Superintendent Tania Coulson, spokeswoman for the Met said: “In the past, these groups have caused criminal damage to petrol stations and put themselves and members of the public at great risk by driving recklessly in large groups through the streets of London.

"We know that some people may see the event advertised and think they are joining like-minded enthusiasts on a lawful ride. This is not the case. They drive ruthlessly and carry out stunts on the road.

“Officers will be out across London throughout the Halloween period and will deploy a number of police tactics to prevent riders from driving dangerously."

Footage of 'idiot' bikers driving on the pavement and speeding through red lights in Erith has been posted online.

Mr Wiffen said: "We know it is a nuisance and they are a big problem. If the information is passed on quickly about where they are going and how many of them, police can continue to crackdown as they are."