Tempers have flared among Abbey Wood residents who have slammed parishioners at a nearby church over their "appalling noise levels" and "careless parking".

A group of more than 15 Abbey Grove residents have spoken out against St Benet’s Catholic Church and its congregation - who they claim leave the church late at night, disturbing sleeping families.

Ian Jacques, 53, said: “The noise levels they give off - they have have no compassion for the neighbourhood.

“Sometimes the congregation are coming out at midnight and people are coming out of their houses and telling them to be quiet but the church doesn’t really care.

“The noise levels have been absolutely appalling - they must have more respect.

“We want a bit of quiet here.”

Parking - which is free in the road on weekends - is also a contentious issue - with many living nearby fearing the opening of Crossrail's Elizabeth Line in December 2018 will make things worse.

News Shopper:
Abbey Grove residents gather outside St Benet’s Catholic Church

Neighbour Brenda Townsend, 70, added: “The noise problem is intertwined with the parking problem.

“There’s so many people turning up and it is such a little road.

“It’s noisy and antisocial - it’s not good for people living in the community.

“They don’t have any respect for the residents at all.

“All we need them to do is curb it a little bit and not have so many people there.”

Assistant priest at St Benet's 41-year-old Peter Iwuoha has apologised but feels that the problem isn’t with the church.

He said: “There has been an ongoing problems for some time.

“They talk about noise but it’s only Sunday service - the church has been there many years.

“If I had my way I would put the church somewhere else. "The church likes to be at peace with people.

“We do not want to upset anyone, I want everybody to be happy.

“I agree there is an issue with parking - I understand their concerns - sometimes when I come back I cannot find a parking space either.”

The assistant priest told News Shopper the hall hasn’t been hired out while Crossrail and the Diocese are in negotiations.

The church’s maximum capacity has decreased with only 70 people allowed in at one time.

Both parties have contacted Greenwich Council over parking.

A spokesman said: “The church is within the Abbey Wood Controlled Parking Zone which operates from 11am – 1pm, Monday to Friday.

“Short term zones such as this allow maximum flexibility for residents while also preventing drivers from outside the area using local streets to park and commute to London from Abbey Wood Station.

“A review of the existing parking restrictions in Abbey Wood is proposed for later in 2016.

“The local community will be fully consulted on any proposals before any changes are made to either the boundary of the zone or the restrictions within the zone.”