A Conservative PPC’s pledge to save the much-loved Belvedere Splash Park, holding a meeting on the eve of the general election, has caused outrage from campaigners.

Anna Firth believes she has found a splash park solution, but some argue she is making the issue political, after 43 Conservative councillors supported its closure earlier this year.

Steve Mckenzie, 58, who lives minutes from the park said: “I think she’s an absolute hypocrite.

“The Tory council voted to close the splash park. Now the Tories are saying they are going to be the ones to save it. There is something wrong here.”

The Woolwich Road resident added: “As a young parent that was one of the only places I could take my children.

“Even at that time with shortcomings it was a good facility. It’s been dramatically improved now.”

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Leaflets which have been handed out in the area

Erith and Thamesmead candidate, and mum-of-three, Mrs Firth said: “They say it’s purely political and I am only saying it to get elected.

“But I believe the splash park should be saved. The tone of various messages has been pretty outrageous.

“Let’s examine my solution and let’s see where we go from there.”

In March’s budget meeting, 18 councillors (15 Labour and three UKIP) voted against the cabinet proposals, which included closing the splash park for this year’s summer season.

Ms Firth is holding a public meeting at the splash park at 7pm tonight (May 6).