Commuters are "angry" about a rise in daily parking charges at Abbey Wood station, "without warning".

Lorraine Shepherd, from Bedonwell Road in Upper Belvedere, was one of several people who was handed a £30 fine after the price change from £3.80 to £5.70 on a Wednesday night two weeks ago.

The price hike meant people paying £3.70 before rushing off to work were unaware the tickets they were given by the machine only lasted until noon.

It was not until the evening on Thursday (April 16) that people realised they had received PCNs.

Ms Shepherd, who commutes to London, said: "A lot of people got fined and Bexley Council have made huge profits by being underhand.

"They did not give us any warning or notice. They have done this purely to make a profit. We are all really angry with it."

Ms Shepherd said it is "physically impossible" to park away from the station because of yellow lines.

Parking for commuters will now cost roughly £400 a year more.


A Bexley Council spokesman said: "The changes to car park charges are the first in Bexley in four years.

"They were advertised in a number of ways including site notices by the pay and display machines and through our public notices both in the local paper and online.

"Car park users were invited to make comments on the changes before they were officially approved in March.

"Notices were also put up from 8 April as a reminder of the start date of 13 April.

"The changes to parking charges across the borough included a number of new initiatives for car park users and local businesses."