A Blackfen woman is campaigning to keep her local library amidst fears it could close down.

Karen Mensa-Bonsu, 60, has helped to start up a survey petitioning Bexley Council after consultation began on libraries in September.

The council is planning to remodel the service and potentially run Blackfen, Bostall, Northumberland Heath and Upper Belvedere as cooperative libraries, with support from volunteers. 

The council consultation document also suggests these four libraries could close because borrower numbers are down and they need to save £800,000 from the budget.

Ms Mensa-Bonsu, of Blackfen Road, has used the library for 27 years.

She said: "Blackfen is one of the busiest libraries in the borough of Bexley and it is vital resource to those who live in and around Blackfen. 

"We run lots of groups and events in there and it means a lot to the community."

The petition currently has more than 200 signatures.

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said: 

A Bexley spokesman said: “Demand for library services has declined both nationally and also locally in Bexley in recent years.

“In light of this, the council has evaluated the level of library service it needs to provide to meet its statutory duty. Following a full assessment of need, it has been identified that Bexley’s statutory ‘comprehensive and efficient’ library service provision can be delivered from six core libraries that are well spread across the borough in busy locations.

“The council has outlined that its preferred option for the remodelling of the library service is for four community managed libraries to be established, in addition to the core council offer.

"This approach would not result in closures. Local people would continue to be able to access these community libraries, while the Council would make a saving."

Visit change.org/p/bexley-council-save-blackfen-library-and-keep-it-as-a-council-managed-service

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