A COUNCIL mix-up saw speed bumps along a notorious Welling rat run ripped up less than two months after they were installed.

Greenwich Council laid down the 20mph bumps in Glenmore Road to slow down speeding motorists around six weeks ago.

But horrified residents watched the workforce return last Tuesday (May 21) to remove the traffic calming measures after it emerged they were installed illegally.

It turns out the council had failed to inform Bexley residents of their plans to put them in.

Grandmother-of-five Julie Fletcher, 56, who has lived in Glenmore Road for nearly 40 years, said: "Not many things in life p*** me off, but this does.

"I was quite chuffed to see them down here. "I thought ‘lovely, it’s a bit of a wicked corner and the traffic comes down here at 90mph’.

"The cost for four men to put something in and then all of a take it out seems like a waste of money to me."

The bumps lay just within the boundary of Bexley borough and close to the junction with Highmead, which is over the border into Greenwich.

Mrs Fletcher, a supervisor at Ruxley Manor Garden Centre, says she has seen the lamppost outside her house flattened by cars over the years while a motorbike has also crashed into her garden.

The mother-of-three added: "It’s a bit of a race track down here and used as a cut through to Plumstead, so you miss out Welling corner."

A Bexley council spokeswoman said: “These speedbumps were put in place on a road in Bexley by the Royal Borough of Greenwich without the necessary notice to Bexley residents or the usual legal requirements.

“Under these circumstances Greenwich were asked to remove the speedbumps which they did last week.

“Should the Royal Borough of Greenwich wish to reinstate the speedbumps they would need to follow the usual processes before they could be considered.”