THREE movie-loving mice are enjoying a diet of popcorn and fizzy drinks at Bluewater, according to a Hartley cinema-goer.

Ann Turner, of Manor Road, says she was at the Showcase Cinema with her husband Paul on October 9 when she spotted the three rodents scurrying on the floor of screen 15.

Immediately distracting her from 2012 blockbuster The Sweeney - which she had paid a respectable £18.50 to watch - the 55-year-old left her seat in the cinema’s gallery in disgust.

She told News Shopper: "The thought of them crawling up and down the walls made me feel sick.

"We were going to take our grandchildren to see Madagascar 3 but I’m not going to take them somewhere like that until we know it is clean.

"For the cinema to have an infestation of vermin, I need to know that something is going to be done about it."

Mrs Turner initially spoke to a member of staff who was apologetic and told her they had repellents in place to deter the pests.

However when she later demanded to speak with a manager, she claims was fobbed off with an excuse the boss was in a meeting and given two free tickets as compensation.

She said: "There is a lot of food in there in the gallery.

"You get given tortillas and chocolate and muffins and they’re not usually cleared up properly.

"Are the same mice running around all over the food as well?"

Mrs Turner, who visits Bluewater with her family up to four times a week, has since contacted environmental health to lodge a complaint.

Showcase Cinema were unavailable for comment.