Chair of Kent Green Party Stuart Jeffery has said he is “shocked and horrified” after he was labelled a Nazi online.

Pictures of Mr Jeffery surrounded by swastikas were posted on a site believed to be the “personal site” of Kent PCC candidate Steven Uncles.

Mr Uncles, of the English Democrats Party, initially denied knowing anything about the site.

He later admitted being a “contributor” after his party chairman, Robin Tilbrook, said it was Uncles’ personal site.

The site features pictures of Mr Jeffery surrounded by swastikas with words below reading: “Nazi Green Alert... Chief Kent Green Bigot Stuart Jeffery EXPOSED (Is Stuart on DRUGS?)”.

Another picture shows Mr Jeffery wearing a rosette which again features a swastika.

The blog post also describes Mr Jeffery as “Skinhead, Bigotted Stuart”.

It says: “He has decided to give his wise words to his fellow Greens in the County of Kent in a dictatorial Nazi manner.”

In response to the post Mr Jeffery said: “I am shocked and horrified by these blatantly untrue comments and I consider them to be libellous.

"I will be seeking advice on how they can be removed and reparation made to me.”

When asked about the Nazi slurs, party chairman, Mr Tilbrook, extended the comparison of Greens to extremists.

He compared party members to communist “mass murderers”.

He said: “The two greatest murderers in human history are Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin, with Mao Tse-tung probably having killed up to 95 million people.

“And both of those in many respects (had) got policies that were not wholly dissimilar to some of the Green policies.”

He also drew comparisons with the Greens and Nazism.

News Shopper: Mr Jeffery has said he is "shocked and horrified" by the posts

He said: “Quite a lot of the sort of things they (the Greens) come out with are not totally dissimilar are they?

“They are rather inclined to come out with talk about a greater European homeland and things like that which are vaguely reminiscent of that era.

“What Steve Uncles has done is over the top but at the same time it’s not without a kernel of truth.

“I’m certainly not going to discipline him about it if that’s what you are asking. He is a grown man.

“One of the things we know about Hitler was that he was an anti-hunting vegetarian.”

A Green Party spokeswoman said: “The photograph posted is inaccurate and an offence to the Green Party, to Mr Jeffery and to the democratic process.

“The English Democrats not only defended Mr Uncles’ inexplicable and despicable actions, but attempted to justify them.

“This ‘defence’ is risible at best. The Green Party is not a communist party.

“We trust Mr Uncles is preparing a full and unreserved apology to the people of Kent, and the UK as a whole, for pretending to know and care about England.

“We trust also that he will withdraw all references to Mr Jeffery in connection with the Nazi Party, not for the offence they cause to him, or to the Green Party, but for the basic contempt in which these references show Mr Uncles holds the people of Kent.”

She added: “We are happy that the people of Kent will be able to use their judgment to decide whether they really want Mr Uncles to represent their interests in fighting crime.”