A FOX crept into a Bromley home leaving a worried father fearing for the safety of his four-month-old baby.

Joseph Gillinder, of Havelock Road, had just put the bins out at around midnight on October 7 and turned to find a fox in his hall.

The 31-year-old who lives with his partner, Vix Henstock, 28, and four-month old baby, Violet, is now calling on foxes to be culled.

He said: "It is one thing to have the mangy horrible creatures waltzing around the neighbourhood but last week one actually came into my house.

"I was confronted by one in my hall way - it had waltzed in to my house whilst my back was turned for just a minute whilst putting out the bins.

"It was in the hall and I didn't want to chase it into the house so I took a few steps back towards the door and it ran out.

"We have a very small baby in our house and that makes it not just a small problem but one of utmost concern and worry.

"I dread to think what one could do to a small baby."

He added: "I’m not normally for any kind of culling but when it comes to situations like this, I think a culling might be in order."

Mr Gillinder said the creatures also leave excrement in his garden.

He says the problem could be solved if the council started issuing wheelie bins (although he has purchased one himself) as these are less likely to be scavenged by foxes.

Portfolio holder for public protection and safety Councillor Tim Stevens said: “In line with our neighbouring authorities, Bromley Council’s approach to foxes is to discourage an increase in their population without physically harming them.

“This is achieved by advising residents to stop doing things that might encourage foxes.

“These include removing attractions from the garden, sealing up holes and hiding places and encouraging neighbours to do the same.”

For more information go to the council website.