PINT-supping pensioners have had time called on their trips to a pub – until they have a wash.

Crown and Anchor used to be the regular Monday night watering hole for Albert Warren and Edward Basting and they had been drinking there for about a year.

But this all came to an end after the manager of the establishment in Palace Road, Bromley, said he had received several complaints about the personal hygiene of one of the men.

And they were told they would not be allowed back in until they sorted the issue out.

Mr Warren, of Pope Road, Bromley Common, said: “He practically said we stank.

“It’s a bit of a cheek and a bit of an insult.”

The 67-year-old added: “Nobody had ever complained before and we had never had any problems with that pub before.”

And his 69-year-old friend Mr Basting, of Chatterton Road, Bromley Common, said: “It is not really good enough because I cannot see how he can accept us the previous Monday but then the following Monday he says that to us.

“I find it an insult and defamation of character.

“I was shocked when this happened, it is not a nice thing to have happen.”

The pub owner Tom Smith says Mr Warren and Mr Basting are both good customers and his staff tried to deal with the issue as sensitively as they could.

Mr Smith said: “The manager spoke to the two guys outside and did not embarrass them in front of customers.

“We do not wish to exclude people from the premises and all that was said is you must try and do something about your personal hygiene.

“We are not barring them but they need to do something about their personal hygiene and then they will be welcome back in the pub.

“We like the customers we have got to be happy in the setting that we provide.”

The two pensioners have since started drinking in another pub on Monday nights and visit other pubs in the area, including the Chatterton Arms in Chatterton Road, Bromley Common.