A BROMLEY animal welfare group will promote a worldwide campaign on Saturday (6) to expose four charities who, it claims, continue to fund cruel methods of animal testing.

Passive Pressure Animal Welfare Group will set up an information stall in Bromley High Street to trumpet the findings in a new report by Animal Aid.

The report states that charity-funded researchers are continuing to use animal DNA even though human DNA is safer and has no side effects.

Passive Pressure founder Jan Yarker, of West Wickham, says she hopes human DNA will be used in future because it is the only way safety can be ensured for all the parties involved.

She said: “We have decided to promote Animal Aid’s ‘Victims of Charity’ campaign as our WAD event because the public need to know what their hard earned money is being used for.

“It will only be when charities fund research using human DNA that safe cures will be developed.”

The UK’s largest animal rights group Animal Aid believe that Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society are to blame.

The national group is calling for the public to withhold all funding for the charities until they pledge to end experiments involving animals.

Ms Harker said: “We will advise the public which charities do not fund animal testing so that they can make a more informed choice.”