NEIGHBOURS are embroiled in a cat fight after an application for an animal home in an Eltham back garden was given the go-ahead.

Opinion is divided over a cattery which will house around eight felines at the back of a property in Leysdown Road.

Some residents fear the ‘miaows’ and stench of urine will be a source of irritation while others are fully behind the ‘cat chalet’ plans.

Cattery owner Lorraine Mansfield says caring for the creatures is her "passion" and that the campaign against the proposal has been like a "witch hunt".

Ms Mansfield said: "I have won legally through the system.

"We just want to get on with our own lives and get on with my passion.

"There were lots of neighbours for it.

"One said it has been a witch hunt against me."

There were 41 responses in favour and 45 against during the consultation period before plans were approved by planning chiefs at Greenwich Council on September 26.

Next-door neighbour Sarah Morgan is angry at the planning tribunal’s decision which she says left people fuming.

The 20-year-old said: "It is the smell and the congestion people are worried about.

"The smell of cats’ urine is one thing they can’t stand - cats away from their owners, locked in a cage.

"That is why these places are on farms - so they can roam around.

"I love dogs. I don’t mind that but not this in your back garden."

The housing officer recently moved into the property with her parents and says the building will rise five inches above their fence and will be seen from their garden.

Ms Morgan said: "Mum has terminal cancer and the last thing she needs is this.

"It is a breach of privacy as customers can look over the fence."

Ms Mansfield reassured residents saying cats would be fed early to minimise cries and their litter trays would be changed professionally so there would be no smell.

She added: "We think it is an exciting project and we can’t wait to be up and running and serving our community and caring for the cats which is the most important thing."