A PET owner is fearing for animals’ lives after a spate of attacks by a ‘feral’ cat in her area.

Sandra Cripps found her bloodied 16-year-old cat Tia shaking in a bush in her garden in Cedar Road, Bromley, after being attacked last Saturday afternoon (September 22).

The animal had puncture wounds to the muscles on her left side and had to be sedated at the vet so they could stitch up her injuries and she is now too scared to go outside.

This attack came six weeks after her beloved pet was first attacked.

And Mrs Cripps says she has also seen a dead squirrel in her garden with the same puncture wounds as those sustained by her cat.

The 47-year-old said: “The cat just seems to bite and see what he can attack.

“My worst fear is that this big cat could kill my cat or maybe a kitten.

“He has had two attacks on Tia and hopefully he won’t get her again; because of the size of him it could have been much worse for her.

“The first attack was bad enough and the fur on that side has only just grown back and now all the fur has been taken off on her other side.”

The bills analyst says she has heard of other cats in the area also being attacked and wants to warn people about the danger.

She said: “It is a large tabby cat and terrorises the area.

“It looks like a feral cat but someone must own it.”

Mrs Cripps says the animal is a tabby male and double the size of her cat.

Anyone who thinks they recognise the animal or knows the owner should call Mrs Cripps on 07971 902388.