Please note that it is with sad regret that we will be closing our neighbourhood shop on September 28.

I hope we have served this area with great love and care and I can assure you that it has been rewarding to meet such variety of people from all walks of life.

I hope the regeneration is going to scheduled and it embodies an inspiration of new dawn to the children and the other members of the area.

It is the moral duty of the charitable trust Gallions to rebuild and look after the citizen of the area and I can assure you that if God gives me the strength I will always keep an eye ON MY BELOVED THAMESMEAD.

My heart has been broken and that's not a lie but the greater need to rebuild in a constructive way was not considered and that is the only thing that I regretted in not convincing appropriate parties.

But my Thamesmead spirit has always thought me not to give up and I can assure you that I will come back to my people and I will inspire the community to unite more and kill division and promote family.

Please back this regeneration and put any conflicts behind and move forward and look for the new dawn.

I will back as the Terminator says so do I.

From the men who loves Thamesmead South.

Based on information supplied by DEE PATEL.