A BROMLEY animal welfare group is campaigning for people to turn their backs on dairy products once and for all.

Passive Pressure handed out information to the public on Bromley High Street on Saturday (25) to try and deter consumers from buying any dairy products and, instead, become vegan.

Rather than use radical methods group founder Jan Harker, 65, believes that people are more likely to take notice if they are "well informed".

"We never tell people what to do," said Ms Harker, of West Wickham. "If people are well informed they will make the correct decision."

The event was part of Vegetarian's International Voice for Animals' National Week of Action for Goats which tries to raise awareness of the intensive nature of goat dairy farms.

Ms Harker and Passive Pressure volunteers are urging shoppers to choose dairy-free options and also asked them to send the group’s postcard to the Government calling for a ban on farmed animal mutilations.

The vegan group are highlighting one particular investigation which suggests that the mutilation of baby goats is now almost routine.

This is because male goats do not produce milk and there for often seen as surplus to requirements by some farmers.

Ms Harker is hoping that her group's latest campaign is as successful when Passive Pressure's 12 volunteers managed to save 9,000 chickens from slaughter earlier this year.

"This was the first time we have managed to stop the slaughter van near Brighton," she said.

"This was through passive methods too - which we feel is the best way."

For information about Viva!’s goat campaign call 0117 944 1000 or visit milkmyths.org.uk/goats