A sporty artist has created an Olympic collection of beautiful paintings to celebrate the Games.

Deborah Essés will be exhibiting her stunning Jolly Olympic pieces at an open studio show in Lewisham until August 14.

From runners to swimmers and high jumpers, there are 14 original paintings on display, created with mixed media.

She told Vibe: “I’m very excited about the Olympics.

“It’s happening so close, you can’t avoid it.

“It’s contagious and really exciting – you can’t avoid getting the fever.”

Deborah, who runs every morning, loves painting scenes of movement and many of her fluid pieces feature dancers.

The 46-year-old started painting when she was just 15.

She added: “Well because I work mainly with movement, the Olympic idea started in 2008.

“I like the challenge of having a 2D picture and in front of me that’s static and giving the idea of movement.”

Originally from Argentina, Deborah has been in the UK for 20 years and now lives in Blackheath.
“I love it – I’m in love with England.” She continued.

“There’s something which makes me feel really comfortable.”

Originals and prints will be on sale during the exhibition with prices starting at £70.

Deborah’s studio can be found at 13 Halley Gardens.

Visit deborahesses.com