A SIGNAGE and display company has given a classic phonebox a creative twist for a charity public art exhibition.

Creative FX, of Masons Hill, Bromley, collaborated with experimental artist Denis Masi to put his design on a fibreglass replica of a K6 telephone kiosk.

It has been on display in St Giles Circus, central London, as part of the BT ArtBox exhibition in aid of ChildLine.

And on Wednesday (July 18) it is being auctioned off in aid of the charity.

Creative FX director Sean Davis said: “When Denis Masi commissioned us to apply his design to the iconic telephone box we were delighted to get involved.

“Denis is a incredibly talented artist who works with a multitude of different media.

“ We helped him create his ArtBox by applying vinyl printed with stark black and white photography, overlaid with a textured vinyl for a rustic exterior frame, and finally applying the thought-provoking words, ‘Recognisable, Reliable, Real, Renewable’ on the four corners of the box, and ‘Decisions, Dreams and Desires’ round the bottom.

“The result? A strikingly eerie phone booth.”

The full-size fibreglass boxes are replicas of the original telephone kiosks designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the silver jubilee of the coronation of King George V in 1936.

Since then, the red boxes have become an iconic British symbol.

Eighty famous faces and prestigious artists were involved in the project for ChildLine; others include Turner prize winner Keith Tyson, fashion designer Giles Deacon and Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran.

Mr Davis added: “There are so many reasons to celebrate Britain this year, and this project is definitely one of them.

“With such a diverse range of talented artists, it’s great to see how they all individually treat the iconic blank canvas.

“And that’s the beauty of using vinyl; you can take a canvas, be it a wall, a car, a shop front, or in this case a phone box and transform it into something amazing.”