A 10-YEAR-OLD boy who headbutted a teacher and broke another's knee at a school in Orpington has been given a 12-month referral order.

Bromley Youth Court heard the boy, from St Mary Cray, became angry after staff confiscated a coin which he was making a noise with by scraping it on his desk.

Nisha Dutt, prosecuting, said: "His behaviour escalated and included throwing a box in the classroom and upturning desks.

"Eventually he proceeded into the corridor and his behaviour continued by kicking and punching the walls and doors in the corridor."

When staff tried to take him back to the classroom he headbutted a teacher which resulted in her losing consciousness and suffering concussion.

Another teacher was kicked below the knee causing a "cracking noise" and fell to the ground "in a considerable amount of pain".

She later required an operation to reconstruct her knee, following the attacks on January 5.

Police were called and the boy was arrested and cautioned, to which he replied: "I'm sorry".

The boy, who was in court with his mum, nodded guilty to causing actual bodily harm and unlawful wounding after previously denying both charges.

District Judge Robert Ede said to the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons: "In this country from the age of 10, young people have to face up to the consequences of what they have done in a criminal court.

"You intended to hurt (both teachers) and have to take responsibility for that.

"I want you to understand how serious an injury can be caused by a kick.

"You took your anger out on them and made them suffer because you were suffering and that's wrong."