A FORMER councillor and Kent Police Authority member wants to be the county’s first police and crime commissioner.

Married father-of-two Dai Liyanage MBE said he wants to free the role from the grasp of party politics and will stand as an independent candidate in the November election.

The former Medway Mayor and veteran county and Medway councillor said: “Party squabbling holds the police back from their real job of catching criminals and making Kent and Medway safe.

“We need an independent, experienced and cool look at what’s best for the police and the community.”

He said he would put more officers on the streets by streamlining administration and using civilians for backroom jobs.

He said he would also introduce more realistic shift and working patterns for staff.

Mr Liyanage was chairman of Medway Action Against Racial Hatred, has worked for a London-based law enforcement agency and currently assesses new recruits for several police forces.