A "BOOMING" unlicensed street party was held at the same location as one last year which ended in gunfire.

Residents called the police and council to complain about the window-rattling noise on June 4 but the Upper Brockley Road party was not shutdown.

David Hardin told News Shopper the noise had continued into the following day. He said: "Someone had set up a booming music system that sent reverberations through the whole area.

"It's really not on that this should be allowed to happen again and again.

"Everybody else has to get a licence."

Last year another chaotic street party in the same road resulted in gunshots being fired and led to the Super Cuts off-licence being hauled before a council committee.

The shop had its licence suspended and committee members heard many reports about continued noise and disruption on the road.

Ward councillor Cllr Darren Johnson said the party was full of people travelling from outside the area to "impose themselves on the local community".

He said: "Obviously this can't be allowed to continue year in, year out. I'll certainly be asking both the police and council officers to look at all possible enforcement actions to stop repeats of it."

A spokesman for Lewisham Council said: "No road closures were granted to hold a street party in the Upper Brockley Road over the Jubilee bank holiday weekend. "Licensing officers did visit the site over the weekend but given the nature of the occasion, the fact it took place during the day on a public holiday, and there were no reports of fighting or other anti-social behaviour, it was not thought appropriate to shut the party down."

A spokeswoman for Lewisham Police, who have conducted a series of recent raids in the area, said ongoing work was being done to tackle troublemakers.

A Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting is being held on Thursday to discuss problems on the road.

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