BROCKLEY has entered the Big Brother House with a former Catholic school girl turned Playboy Bunny who is described as “loving” and a “fairycake queen” by her sister.

Shievonne Robinson, 28, went into the house two days ago with 16 other housemates including a porn star and an ex-gang member for the launch of the new series.

The former St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School pupil, who was a waitress in a Playboy casino in Mayfair last year, can smoke a cigarette with her boobs and can down 10 tequila shots in 30 seconds.

She recently worked as an assistant manager at a nail salon, lives in trendy Brockley with her mother and has two older sisters and three nieces.

Her sister Monique Walcott told News Shopper: “There is something about her. She is a very bubbly character. She is full of life and very funny. She is a very loving person.

“If people in the house are not having a good time she is a good person to be around because she’s very positive and she likes to mother.”

The 34-year-old says her sister does not take life too seriously and is destined for big things.

She said: “She definitely could win. Before she went into the house she said she wasn’t looking for love but I think love might find her.”

The sisters have lived in Brockley all their lives and Mrs Walcott called on Lewisham voters to back the Big Brother hopeful.

She said: “We were born, bred and raised in Brockley. We need the support of Lewisham which we love.”

She says Shievonne is a talented hula hooper and a “fairy cake queen”. But her favourite hobby is clothes shopping which her sister says she will miss during the filming.

The Big Brother housemate also starred in BBC3 documentary “Blood, Sweat and Luxuries” in 2010 where six UK consumers swapped luxury for mud huts to discover how their favourite goods were made.