THE Queen will be visiting Bromley today as part of her diamond jubilee tour of the country.

It is her Majesty’s first visit to the borough since 1986, when she opened the Civic Centre.

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Despite the pouring rain, thousands lined the streets to greet the Queen. Click here to read the full account of what happened when the Queen visited Bromley.

And of course we spoke to some of the people who had gathered to catch a glimpse of Her Royal Highness. Click here to find out what Bromley residents made of the occassion.

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11:35am The party depart along the High Street. The Queen will now be making her way towards Merton where she will also be visiting today as part of the diamond jubilee celebrations.

News Shopper: Queen Bromley jubilee

11:32am Moving onto Bromley High Street and meeting cadets. Lots of flags flying and music fills the air.

The Queen is presented with a carriage clock from some of the Bromley traders.

News Shopper: Crowds as queen arrives on Bromley high street

11:30am Onlookers crane their necks to get a glimpse of Her Majesty.

11:30am The Queen and Prince Philip have been shown some work from designers at Debenhams in The Glades and are about to exit through White Hart Slip.

11:22am The group are being shown around some of the fashion exhibits, looking at one of the outfits designed by primary school children. Today, the queen is wearing a lavender tweed coat with matching hat.

11:16am The Duke of Edinburgh has now joined his wife as they enter The Glades.

11:11am Her Majesty has just unveiled a plaque on a commemoration tree and is being shown a floral display in the shape of a crown.

News Shopper: Queen diamond anniversary couples bromley

11:05am The Queen takes the time to sit with some of the couples celebrating their diamond wedding anniversaries.

Joe Adams from Palace Road captured this video of the build up and arrival of the Queen.

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News Shopper: Queens car bromley

10.54am The Queen drives past fans on Kentish Way – possibly in a light coloured outfit...

News Shopper: crowds queen bromley

10.47am Enthusiasm continues in spite of the cold and delays!

10.47am Crowds begin to cheer as news reaches that Her Royal Highness is at Tweedy Road.

10.45am The Queen is reportedly running late but should be arriving in the next few minutes.

10.35am Excitement is building as the Queen is due to arrive in within the next ten minutes.

News Shopper: Jo Youll (in queen mask) with sons Alfie 9, frankie 7, stanley 6.

10.26am Jo Youll (in the Queen mask) with sons Alfie 9, Frankie 7 and Stanley 6.

News Shopper: Balgowan Primary School Queen visits Bromley

10.24am Children from Balgowan Primary School with their banner to welcome the Queen.

News Shopper: Kentish way queen bromley

10.22am Crowds gather under an ominous sky along Kentish Way.

10.16am Reporter Rachel Conner is currently in Queen's Gardens meeting some of the people specially invited to represent Bromley because of their work in the borough.

News Shopper: Mayor of Bronley queen visit bromley

10.07am Mayor of Bromley Councillor David McBride.

News Shopper: Morris dancing queen bromley

10.01am Morris dancers get their knees up on the high street.

News Shopper: Man on stilts queen bromley

9.46am People on stilts stir up the crowd.

9.38am Despite the weather, there's a lot of exciting flag waving going on at Queen's Gardens too.

News Shopper: Crowds gather queen bromley

9.32am This is the view from the press area. Live music has just started up and crowds are already gathering. There are lots of school groups out and about thankfully the rain has begun to slow.

News Shopper: The Queen's visit to Bromley banner small 480pix