ACTIVISTS will be protesting outside a circus in Sidcup this week, calling for a ban on the use of animals in its performances.

Supporters of charity Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) will stand with banners outside Zippos Circus in Sidcup Place Park on April 19 from 6pm until 7.30pm.

The circus uses four palmino horses, two ponies, one Adalucian horse and 16 budgerigars in its two hour performances.

Protester Paul Bruce-Joy has been campaigning for 10 years for animals to be banned from circuses.

He said: “I think it’s cruel- just because regulations may say it’s acceptable, there’s a difference between what’s legally right and morally right.”

Zippos Circus has been running for 26 years and tours around the south of England, the Midlands and Scotland.

Director of CAPS, Liz Tyson said: "Thankfully, there has been a massive surge in public support for a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses over the past.

"We sincerely hope that we will soon see a ban on this practice in this country but we remain concerned for all animals in circuses, including domesticated species such as the horses used by Zippos Circus.

"We strongly believe that a life of constant transportation, confinement and repetitive unnatural performances is no life for any animal and we would encourage families to choose all-human shows to get their circus fix this year."

Zippos’ director, Martin Burton told News Shopper the circus only uses domestic animals which are regulated to the highest standards of animal welfare.

He added: “Zippos is rightly proud of its record for leading the way in the treatment of animals in circuses.”

Protesters will also be on site on April 21 from 4.30pm until 6pm.