JUST days after they reopened, angry cyclists have found the lifts at Greenwich foot tunnel out of order yet again.

Those who wanted to use the tunnel lifts on the first day back to work yesterday took to Twitter to express their frustration at the closure, with no new information published on the council's website.

News Shopper understands the lifts are not in operation today either.

The tunnel had only fully reopened last week after two years of closures which saw them upgraded as part of a £11.5m project.

Following the reopening, Greenwich Council announced the tunnel would be available by lift "24 hours a day".

A spokesman for Greenwich Council said the closure yesterday had only been temporary and the lifts were quickly back up and running.

But the Greenwich Cyclists group has slammed the recent development, which is just the latest episode in a delayed project which saw Councillor Denise Hyland make an apology at a full council meeting last year.

Anthony Austin from the cycling group, who has repeatedly tried to get information on the tunnels over the past 18 months, said: "They opened seemingly without any proper announcement.

"Now they're out of order again so what's the public to think?

"It beggars belief the mismanagement of this whole project."