IF YOU are looking for a kaleidoscope of pizza flavours then instead of picking up the phone and ordering Domino’s, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut you would do well to visit The Express Pizza Co.

Unlike the big three which stop at 18 different varieties of pizza for customers to order (excluding the make your own) it has created a menu with 26 combinations of toppings.

Two of these I would wager are on the 'after 12 pints they are delicious list' but the others would be acceptable to munch on at any time.

I was going to create a half and half pizza with these drunken delicacies of Kebab King - namely lamb doner meat, onion, mushrooms and chilli sauce on one side - and Express Special - roast chicken, spicy beef, mushroom, Peking duck, pineapple and pesto sauce - on the other but I visited the takeaway when sober.

Instead I plumped for a 12in meat mountain which was topped with pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef and onion and accompanied it with some garlic bread.

Piled high with cheese, sauce and meat, the pizza felt satisfyingly greasy to eat.

If there was ever any doubt that takeaway pizza is not the world’s healthiest fast food then my choice proved it.

But feeling full after three slices of pizza and two slices of garlic bread meant I had enough left over for lunch the following day.

And, very importantly, it tasted as good eaten cold from the fridge as it did piping hot from the oven.

How The Express Pizza Co rated:

FOOD **** Tasted good both hot and cold
SERVICE **** Friendly and courteous
INTERIOR/DECOR *** Bright and clean

Address:The Express Pizza Co, 46 Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill