With Hallowe'en this month, what better time to go on a haunted break and at the same time learn a little bit of history. We spoke to spooky holiday specialists Haunting Breaks to find where the best haunts are in the country

If you have the nerve, make the call to one of the following resorts to book your place.

The Black Swan Hotel, Ravenstonedale Cumbria had some rather strange experiences last Halloween all captured on video including reports of psychic messages to unrelated guests and moving orbs ... so what will this year dig up?

The hotel is Victorian - built of Lakeland stone in about 1899 and is situated in a pretty Westmorland village garden with a bridge over a beck to a natural riverside glade. So if you don't see any ghosts, at least you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing break in a quiet and picturesque country setting.

Maesmawr Hall, Caersws Newtown Wales is situated in the valley of the River Severn, five miles from the market town of Newtown and one mile from the village of Caersws.

This period house is privately owned and supervised by the resident proprietors, Tim and Matthew Lewis. The hotel is one of the most complete and picturesque of the old half-timbered houses of Montgomeryshire.

The house is tranquil and mysterious.

Myths and folk tales prevail. Whether it's that of Robin Drwg, half man, half beast, ritually cast into the lake, or the ghosts of the Grey Lady and the spectre reportedly seen walking the grounds ... why not find out?

Lumley Castle, Chester-le-street, Durham has, for more than 600 years dominated the County Durham landscape. Set within nine acres of parkland, overlooking the River Wear, Lumley Castle takes its name from Sir Ralph Lumley, a highly decorated soldier who was renowned for his bravery in battles.

Each room in Lumley Castle is filled with historical artefacts while dining is said to be a feast for all the senses.

The intriguing story of Lily of Lumley, is one which is sure to capture your imagination. Lady Lumley, the first wife of Sir Lumley was killed by two priests while her husband was away and her body thrown down a well. Now Lily's ghost is said to float up from the well, to haunt the castle.

Lily of Lumley even has some famous victims in Australia's world champion cricketers who were spooked during their stay. One player was so rattled he slept on the floor of a fellow player's room while the West Indies team who stayed there, in 2000 were so unnerved three of them checked out.

Ruthin Castle, Ruthin, Denbighshire, North Wales, originated before 1277 and was part of the Crown Estate until it was sold by Charles I.

The castle has a proud centuries-old tradition of providing hospitality and comfort but it also has a bloody history.

The wife of a powerful second-in-command during the reign of Edward I, murdered his lover with an axe.

Sentenced to death, she was buried outside the castle walls. Her ghost, the Grey Lady reportedly walks the battlements and the castle chapel.

Camelot Castle, King Arthur's Castle Hotel, Tintagel sits on an Atlantic headland overlooking the ruins of King Arthur's castle and a private beach. Built in 1900 this castle has been used for many movie locations - including Dracula in 1979. The castle claims to have three ghosts although not much is known of the hauntings.

The castle is the probable source of the so-called ghost which reportedly haunts actress Kate Winslet's house, a nearby cottage. Apparently, her home used to be the cottage of the hotel's engineer, who died about 70 years ago.

His ghost has reportedly been spotted gliding from the three bed cottage to the hotel as if returning to his old place of employment.

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