FEARS over "chaos" on the Dartford Crossing during the Olympics have sparked calls for the tolls to be scrapped during the Games.

Both commuters and councillors are calling for a suspension to the tolls during a summer which is forecast to be a nightmare for motorists.

Gravesham and Dartford council leaders Councillor John Burden and Jeremy Kite say the tolls will only add to traffic woes while Thurrock's leader Cllr John Kent has penned a letter to Transport Minister Mike Penning suggesting the tolls be suspended.

The day of the opening ceremony on July 27 is seen as a potential traffic ordeal as it clashes with one of the busiest holiday getaway days of the year.

Meanwhile thousands of cars are expected to make there way to Ebbsfleet International station during the Olympics to make use of its 9,000-space park and ride scheme.

A spokesman for national traffic services company INRIX said: "Traffic trouble will be near impossible to avert.

"This congestion risk is compounded by the fact that entrance into the park and ride site is ticket-only.

"Any people with misplaced tickets will unfortunately add to the resultant tailbacks and could cause a domino effect onto the already congested M25."

Peter Rule is a logistics officer at Dartford’s international freight service, Intersped Logistics.

He said: "I think at that time there could be chaos on the crossing.

"The congestion means it will take longer to get across the bridge and it could cost our company money."

Donna Turner of Dartford frequently travels across the bridge to visit her family in Essex.

The 32-year-old said: "Friday afternoon is never a great time, it’s when the bridge is really busy.

"When the Olympics are on, it will feel like a Friday afternoon every day."

Cllr Burden has been calling on the government to scrap the tolls for a long time.

He said: "If there are no tolls, cars will be able to get across quicker and there will be much less congestion.

"It will demonstrate the capacity of the roads and may even show that we don’t need a third crossing."

Cllr Kite agreed, adding: "No one takes recreational journeys across the M25 so having to pay tolls does not change people’s motivation.

"It’s collecting the money which slows down the traffic which then causes the congestion."

Last July, the Highways Agency launched a six-month trial to suspend the charges on the crossing at times of severe congestion.

A spokesman says the agency is currently reviewing the findings.

TRANSPORT Minister Mike Penning says he does not expect significant increases in traffic at the crossing during the Olympics.

He said: "Park and ride sites have been set up ahead of the Games on either side of the crossing to help keep traffic needing to use the Crossing to a minimum."

Coach services for people travelling to the Olympic Park from Kent and East Sussex will transfer at Ebbsfleet International station to travel by rail to Stratford International station.

People can also pre-book to park at Ebbsfleet International for travel by rail to the Olympic Park.

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