AN OUTBREAK which killed around 40 carp in Danson lake on Friday could have been triggered by people releasing fish, Environment Agency experts say.

Tests revealed no problem in water quality and only carp were affected, leading environment officers to believe a disease or parasite may be responsible and could have been caused by people releasing fish into the water.

The Environment Agency said if it knew people had put fish in the lake, it could help to limit the impact on wildlife.

Dog walker Celia Turner said: “I was just walking my dog and there were quite a few large dead fish. The birds are pecking at them – it was really horrible.”

The Environment Agency and Bexley Council are investigating and said more tests on the water and the fish will be carried out.

Environment Officer, Matt Higginson said "It's always sad to see fish die in this manner. We were on the site very quickly, but it's very difficult to prevent these sorts of outbreaks.”

Anyone who sees dead or dying fish or is aware of illegal fish stocking should call the Environment Agency’s hotline on 0800 807060.