A FOOTBALL team could be forced to abandon its match on Saturday after thieves broke into the stadium twice in eight days.

Staff at Ebbsfleet United FC, in Stonebridge Road, Northfleet, made the discovery this morning (February 20).

Thieves broke into the tea bar and stole drinks and confectionery some time between 6pm yesterday (February 19) and 7am this morning.

They also took more than 100ft of cabling from behind the main stand in Stonebridge Road, which provides power to the flood lights at the Swanscombe end and to the burger bars.

Last weekend between February 10 and February 13 thieves stole strimmers, a lawn mower and chain saw from the groundsman's hut.

Director Jessica McQueen told News Shopper: "To come in and find we were targeted again is an absolute body blow for the football club. We feel absolutely devastated.

"Like most football clubs we are trying to keep our head above water.

"The morale is just at rock bottom now.

"No games means no money and no money means no wages."

The reserves game against Chelmsford City on Wednesday has been cancelled and a meeting will be held tomorrow to discuss Saturday's match against Southport.

Mrs McQeen said: "These cable thieves have got to be stopped. Thankfully here it's not a safety issue.

"It's just the sheer hassle of it. We are almost frightened to go home."

She added: "The more fans that turn up on Saturday the better we will feel about it. We need a big cuddle from every one, we are in need of one."