A CARPENTER’S retirement dream of running an animal sanctuary has been put on hold after thieves stole the wood he was going to build it with.

Danny Day spends his days working to renovate the house of the Rolfe family in Downham Way, Downham, after it was gutted by fire last September.

While he worked for free on the project someone has gone on to his land he had earmarked for the sanctuary in Sevenoaks Road, Knockholt, and stolen £3,500 worth of timber.

He says the 162 18ft long lengths weighed around two tonnes and he believed they were taken away by lorry some time between January 27 and February 3.

Mr Day, of Avondale Road, Bromley, said: “You try and help people and do the kind thing but there are so many unscrupulous people willing to take away what you’re trying to do.

“It was written on a sign on the gate that the site was going to be for animals and everything in there is for animals.

“I would suspect that the stolen wood has been used already and it is probably holding up the first floor of somebody’s house.”

“My dad used to say ‘If you cannot do someone a good turn then don’t do someone a bad turn.”

The 48-year-old had three heart attacks in 2010 and says he had been looking forward to retiring early to look after animals.

But this will now have to be put on hold while he works to earn money for more building materials.

Mr Day said: “The sanctuary is to look after animals which have been ill treated.

“They have not taken the dream away, they have just delayed it.

“The dream will take a bit longer to fulfil.”

Anyone with any information about the timber theft should call Kent Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Bromley Council turned down his first application for the site and he is in the process of appealing the decision.