THE plight of a deserted housing estate’s off-licence has been given short shrift by the man in charge of its development.

This month, News Shopper reported how Kidbrooke’s Ferrier estate off-licence was making just £5 per day at most while it waited for new premises in a temporary site.

Mohan and Kuldip Plaha were shocked to discover that the site, part of a £1bn regeneration project, would include a supermarket – threatening to decrease their profits even further.

Berkeley Homes chairman John Anderson told News Shopper Sainsbury’s was negotiating to run the supermarket, which is expected to sell alcohol.

He said the current Ferrier off-licence would have offer something different to the superstore.

Mr Anderson said: “It’s a tough move.

“There are options – the council has offered them alternative premises elsewhere.”

The Ferrier redevelopment, named Kidbrooke Village, is expected to be complete by 2030. A renewed marketing push for the new homes is due in September.