FRUSTRATED after months of being unable to sell their house, one couple have come up with a novel way of trying to shift their property.

Graham King, 55, and Pamela Rutter, 56, have decided to launch a competition, and are giving away their house as the prize.

The couple decided to make the unusual move after 10 months of trying to sell their home in Cromwell Avenue, Bromley.

Mr King, 55, said: “We’ve really struggled to sell the house because of the economic climate. We were getting a bit fed up with it all.

"I just thought to myself I need to make it happen, you can’t just sit and wait.

“And I like to be a bit different. I didn’t want to go down the traditional way of doing things so I did a bit of lateral thinking.”

People will be able to view the four-bedroom house on a website which has shots of all the rooms, as well as providing information about the couple and legal issues.

They will then be able to enter the competition by answering three questions about the local area.

The competition, which costs £30 to enter, will run from the start of January to June 29.

If fewer than the minimum 23,400 tickets are sold, a cash prize will be given to the winner instead.

Mr King said: “The biggest challenge will be to sell enough tickets. We need to sell 138 tickets for every day the competition lasts to make the money.

"I’m a pretty optimistic person though and I’ve got a few plans to get the idea out and about.

“We need it to be credible, we don’t want people to think it’s a scam.

“All the people I have spoken to have been really excited but some think I won’t be able to sell enough tickets.”

This is not the first time a property has been sold in such a way.

In 2009, a German man won a five-bedroom, 11-acre home in Devon after paying £25 for his ticket.

Visit, whichis due to go live this week, to find out more.

Entry Questions

The couple have included three questions to ensure the draw is a competition and not a lottery, which would require a special licence.

Participants will need to be able to answer:

1. What is the main theatre in Bromley?

a] The Cambridge b] The Centurion c] The Chinook d] The Churchill e] The Consort

2. Which well-known musician attended Bromley Technical High School and renamed himself after the 19th century American frontiersman and the knife which he popularised?

a] David Bowie b] Mick Jagger c] Chris Martin d] Paul McCartney e] Rod Stewart

3. Which former Prime Minister was Bromley’s most prominent MP?

a] Edward Heath b] Harold MacMillan c] Harold Wilson d] John Major e] Winston Churchill