DRUG allegations, two stabbings and concerns over sexual exploitation could put a pub’s future at risk.

Neighbours have also complained to police about customers of the Copperfield noisily staggering out of the pub in the early hours, using their walls as urinals and even women being driven about on the bonnets of cars.

The Catford Bridge boozer, recently hit with a noise abatement notice, is currently shut while its licence is reviewed on the recommendation of police.

It follows two stabbings in October, the first when a disgruntled knife-wielding customer tried to attack a doorman after being ejected from the venue.

The following week, a man was stabbed with a barbeque fork at the pub and his attacker was later found to be carrying six wraps of cannabis.

A report by Licensing Sergeant Tracy Sharpe also reveals that in July one elderly man had a bottle thrown at him.

And it states concerns over the possible sexual exploitation of one of the pub's regulars - a 17-year-old girl.

Ward councillor Cllr Helen Klier told News Shopper said there had been numerous complaints in recent times, many coming from neighbouring Doggett Road.

She said: “We’ve had a lot of complaints from residents about the pub, people making noise and sitting outside smoking.”

She said: “It’s been there a long time and we haven’t had complaints until recently.

“I’d welcome a landlord who kept the place running as it should be.”

According to the report, there have been various allegations about cannabis use or possession since June 2011. A cocaine swipe of the men's toilets last July tested positive for the narcotic, the report states.

A decision on whether to suspend the pub’s licence for three months was due to be taken before Christmas.

But Lewisham Council’s licensing committee has postponed the matter until January 19 while owner Punch Taverns negotiates with a new company about a possible takeover.

A spokesman for Punch said: ““It is always our priority that our pubs provide safe and welcoming environments for responsible adults to enjoy good drink, food and entertainment.

“We are co-operating fully with the local authorities to address any issues, including installing a new licensee.”

The report highlights a string of incidents going back three years including:

Thirty people seen fighting outside the pub in November 2008.

On October 16 2009 police are told drugs were being sold there by gang members and "a rival gang would be attending tonight to seek revenge."

In January 2010 and allegation is made of "two men in possession of a firearm, apparently from rival gangs."

Two PCSO's record "an overwhelming smell of cannabis coming from the venue" in August 2011.

A concerned resident reports in August 2011: "Last Saturday we were woken by screaming and shouting as women were driven down the road on the bonnets of cars."

Rushey Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team is told in November 2011 that youths are dealing drugs along Doggett Road.

Ms Sharpe reports in November 2011 how after events at the venue there are often "rivers of urine" outside.